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Yogurt is a staple food at every Bulgarian family table.

Growing up in Bulgaria, yogurt was part of my daily meals as well. Making homemade yogurt has always been a tradition in my family and it’s a passion I brought with me here to the US. In pursuit of real yogurt here in America, I’ve tried almost every brand on the market and nothing comes close to the taste, texture and health benefits as natural Bulgarian yogurt.
The majority of so called “yogurt” brands are more like flavored milk pudding or soft cheese (Greek yogurt). None seem authentic or “real”, enhanced with ingredients such as starches, thickeners and artificial sweeteners. Most people don’t know what yogurt should taste like and have fallen into the “big food” marketing trap.

Plain Yogurt Should Be Made with Only Milk

and Live-Active Bulgarian Cultures!!!

That’s why I created “YoBul!”. To introduce True BULGARIAN style yogurt here in the USA. With this product, I created the kind of pure food that I would want to feed myself and my family.


“The Secret to Longevity”


The idea was born on a recent family vacation back to Bulgaria. My Fiancé, Daughter and I would have homemade Sheep milk yogurt, topped with raw Acacia Honey and walnuts. My Daughter and Fiancé were instantly hooked.


They asked….”Why can’t we have this in the US?”


After returning home, I decided to begin the “YoBul!” project.

In addition to the 100% pure sheep milk yogurt, I’ve developed a blend of 50/50 sheep milk and cow’s milk yogurt in very interesting and exciting flavors. Sweetened only with 100% Stevia leaf extract with no effect on blood sugar.


"My hope is that everyone will try it and enjoy it as much as my family and I do." - Teddy Ivanov


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