"Katuk" Yogurt-Feta Cheese Dip


Katuk is traditional Bulgarian appetizer-dip traditionally made with sheep’s milk and yeast use for cheese. Sheep’s milk is boiled on slow heat for several hours and the result is a dense durable texture it can be used for few months



16oz         YoBul! Plain Yogurt

6oz           Bulgarian Sheep’s Milk Feta Cheese

4-5           Red Bell Peppers

3-4           Roasted Garlic(mashed)

3/4 cup     Roasted Walnuts(chopped)

2Tbs         Sunflower Oil

                 Salt & Pepper



1. Grill the bell peppers until blackened and cover with plastic wrap in glass contain

2. Peel the skin and remove the seeds from the peppers and chop them.

3. Add the roasted garlic, sunflower oil and salt & pepper.

4. In a mixing bowl mash the feta cheese with a fork  and add the yogurt.

5. In a prefer containers make layers of yogurt-feta mixture and red bell peppers.

6.  Topped with walnuts and fresh parsley






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